Build Team Culture

You have to be purposeful about building a positive team culture for your team.  It doesn't happen organically.

Be Authentic

You build trust and loyalty when you are authentic with your team.  You don't have to disclose everything but should be as transparent as possible.

Business & People Focused

When you make decisions based on what is best for both the people in the organization and the business, everyone wins.



I am a Fortune 500 Sales Leader who has a passion for helping people managers be the best that they can be.  My proven sales leadership systems help you build a great team, the same way I have used them over and over again to build up my teams.

My coaching is different because it comes from actual experience as a sales leader who has been in the trenches managing a variety of sales teams.  

Whether you are an experienced sales leader or would like to be one, you are in the right place, so welcome!


Not sure which topics to include in your next team meeting?

I've got you!  Grab your free Top 10 Team Meeting Topics.



When I was a new sales manager, there just wasn’t any sales manager training available for me…and I mean there was nothing out there!   I was left to guess at how I should set up things like team communications, holding my team accountable, and how to have difficult conversations.  

When you are a new sales leader, you are not sure if your activities are helping you create a high performing team and the uncertainty is exhausting.

After over a decade of leading teams, I founded Illuminate Sales Consulting to help experienced and aspiring sales managers be as effective as possible right from the start.  I am on a mission to improve teams one sales leader at a time.

Get ready to unlock your full potential as a sales leader and develop your sales manager superpowers.